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We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing EV chargers that are safer, more efficient and more stable.

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We are committed to redefining how we power our vehicles and offering the best EV charging experiences for all.

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Wissenergy is a leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions in the global market. With heavy investment in R&D, we are developing greener charging solutions and the most desirable features with our cutting-edge technologies. Our products are gaining more popularity. We have received a series of certifications, including FCC, TUV, ROHS, UL, and CE.



  • 1.CE--WS001;WS002;WS003;WS004;WS007;WS008
  • 2.CE--WS020
  • 3.FCC--WS020
  • 4.CE--WB20-7.2KW-RFID;WB20A-7.2KW;WB20-7.2KW-RFID;WB20-7.2KW;WB20A-3.6KW-RFID;WB20A-3.6KW;WB20-3.6KW-RFID;WB20-3.6KW
  • 5.UKCA--WB20-22KW;WB20A-22KW;WB20-11KW;WB20A-11KW;WB20-22KW-APP;WB20A-22KW-RFID;WB20-11-APP;WB20A-11KW-RFID
  • 6.FCC--WB20-RFID;WB20-APP;WB20-32A;WB20-40A
  • 7.CE--WB20A-22KW-APP;WB20A-22KW-RFID;WB20A-22KW;WB20-22KW-APP;WB20-22KW-RFID;WB20-22KW;WB20A-11KW-APP,WB20A-11KW-RFID;WB20A-11KW;WB20-11KW-APP;WB20-11KW-RFID;WB20-11KW